Your Personal Skintrainer

Dr. Liv Kraemer

Dr. Liv Kraemer (M.D., Ph.D.) is a board certified dermatologist with a focus on cosmeceuticals, aesthetic and preventative dermatology. After working in research in tissue engineering, genetics, laser and stem cells, she worked internationally in Europe, the UAE and at Columbia University in NYC as well as Charite, Berlin.

Prior to acquiring her academic and professional qualifications, she worked in the fashion industry for many years. This background gives her a unique and unusual perspective on both medicine and beauty. Today, Dr. Liv is a specialist in aesthetic and lifestyle dermatology. Her clinic in Zurich focuses on skincare and beauty. Her motto: “Prevention is better than repair”. We all know, “You cannot stop aging, but you can postpone it”. Her goal is to help women and men look their best and as natural as possible at any age”.

Like with sports you can’t expect a sixpack withhin 8 hours of sit-ups, same for the skin. There is no magic, but the right ingredients for your skin to look healthier and more radiant. Dr.Liv will put you on your personal Skintraining.

Now she came up with a new concept store, not for the face, now for the body. Just scientific proofed treatments. Just next to her Clinic. With her research knowledge in the laser and medical device market, she was a speaker and advisor for differenten laser companies. Now she transformed her knowhow into the “I love my body-Store”.

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Dr. Liv Zürich

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