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Laser hair removal treatment in Zurich

Does your excess hair embarrass you?
Are you tired of shaving and waxing?
Do you get uneven raised bumps and ingrowing hair?

Stop it!
Laser it!

We have a solution for you.
Remove your hair with science!
Remove your hair with effective lasers!

Laser hair removal!
It is safe, fast, effective, affordable and almost pain free…

So get hair-free!

Say goodbye to waxing and book an appointment for laser hair removal at the Dr Liv’s “I love my body store”

All of our team members are highly trained and hand picked by Dr Liv herself.

Using medical-grade scientific based equipment, our fully trained aestheticians can target hair of any colour, except for grey, pale red, white and white blonde.
Why? Because lasers see the pigments of your skin and the pigments of the hair bulb.
So if the hair bulb is white, the laser will not see it and therefore not destroy it.

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How you prepare?

We advice you not to tan prior to your appointment. Also try not to wax or epilate.
Why? No hair bulb – no target for the laser. Shaving is completely ok as the hair follicle is still there and not removed.

Stay out of the sun. Your tan can increase the risk of certain side effects like burning and skin lightening. If you have a tan, do not schedule the appointment yet. Wait until your tan is fading. Therefore, Dr Liv advises you to stay out of the sun 4-6 weeks prior your laser hair removal appointment.

Do not laser while taking any kind of photosensitive medications like antibiotics or Johanneskraut.
If you are not absolutely sure it is the right procedure for you, or you want to check your moles first, consult Dr Liv Kraemer

Laser hair removal machines have been on the market for a very long time.
Dr Liv Kraemer worked for a long time within laser research in the University of Charite in Berlin and in New York and is a member of several different societies and a speaker for laser companies.
She uses a laser with different wavelengths, targeting different layers in different strengths. It includes the alexandrite 755nm,the diote 810nm and the Nd:YAG 1064nm wavelength. Therefore it is a very effective and safe laser.

Does laser hair removal really work?
Yes it does. There has been an increase in the use of lasers for hair removal since the first lasers were approved in 1996. There are a lot of different devices on the market. IPL is not considered as a laser. A laser itself is just a laser beam that passes through the skin to an individual hair follicle. The produced heat damages the hair follicle/ hair bulb and inhibits therefore further hair growth. It slowly but effectively slows hair grow, but does not guarantee you permanent hair removal. So periodically maintaining might be helpful.

Can laser hair removal cause cancer?
The light energy from the hair removal lasers remains superficially. It remains at the level of the skin. The lasers used do not cause DNA damage and they do not cause DNA mutations. The energy is designed to destroy with heat the hair follicle in the skin, targeting the colour of the hair bulb, therefore white hair will be not removed. No colour, no target.

“The light used does not penetrate beyond the depths of the hair follicle and internal organs are in no way affected, nor is fertility,” Dr Konstantin Zakashansky, a gynecologic oncologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital, on FoxNews.

Is it painful?
It depends on the laser. We use the most innovative laser with motions and with 3 different wavelength and contact cooling. Therefore this new generation of laser hair removal is almost pain free.

Are there side effects with laser hair removal?
If you are suffering from very sensitive skin, your skin might get quiet red immediately after the treatment. Very rarely you might get some little sunburn like blisters. The described reactions usually disappear within hours or days. Nevertheless, most patients do not have any reactions.

Are laser hair removal safe?
Laser hair removal is a very safe procedure and has been a long time on the market. It is essential to avoid having a tan before the process as the laser can’t differentiate between the colour of your skin pigment and the brightness of your hair bulb.

Who cannot have the treatments?
• If you had a previous history of cancer, in particular skin cancer
• Pregnancy (including IVF)
• If you are taking photosensitive medication (antibiotics) or herbal remedy/or taking blood thinners
• Prolonged exposure to the sun or artificial tanning 4 weeks before or after treatment
• If you have an active Herpes Simplex (cold sores) in the treatment area
• If you have a history of Keloid-scarring (overproduction of scar tissue)
• If you are suffering from epilepsy

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