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Until Now:

The board certified dermatologist Dr. Liv Kraemer is known from the press and social media. She is an expert in holistic preventative approaches of looking natural at any age. She serves as a personal Skin-Trainer to bring your healthy glowing skin back to the surface.
This contains the right choices of skincare ingredients and supplements compared to other possibilities such as peelings, LED light therapy, maybe botulinumtoxin and hyaluronic acid. It might be an option but it doesn’t have to be… Her motto is: looking as natural as possible…in any age…at anytime.


Dr. Liv Kraemer´s Boutique Clinic offers a skin-analysis. Everything is about the face and the neck.

With her new Store Concept she wants to address the body.
With the name “I LOVE MY BODY” she underlines the fact, that everybody should love their body. Already in her clinic she underlines her credo:
Enhancing not changing.
With her new concept “the view of the body” scientifically proven treatments are being offered:
Treatments, which work, but do not change the person’s appearance
All treatments are of course non-invasive.

The offer is small but powerful and scientifically proved:

-Hair removal with laser
-Fat removal with cold (cryolipolysis)
-Lymph drainage for body stress detox

Furthermore we offer „Dr. Liv hand-picked“ products, which work for the body, from in and outside.

Why just body?

Dr. Liv Kraemer



Dr. Liv Kraemer (M.D., Ph.D.) is a board certified dermatologist with a focus on cosmeceuticals, aesthetic and preventative dermatology. After working in research in tissue engineering, genetics and stem cells, she worked internationally in Europe, the UAE and at Columbia University in NYC as well as Charite, Berlin.

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